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What is the best accident insurance – Policies that work for you

As a driver, you might be wondering what is the best accident insurance for me to purchase. Comprehensive, basic, injury, and other terms are thrown out there, making it difficult to decide what you need,and ultimately what the best policy is for you. For example, a 90 year old woman with a clean driving record who only drives a couple miles per week might require a basic policy. If you drive 100 miles to and from work each day, are on dangerous roads,and live in an “accident-prone” area, comprehensive may be the way to go. So lets consider these options, in deciding what the best option is for you, as a driver.

There are six basic categories which an auto insurance policy can cover, these are:
1. Bodily injury damage – This covers injury to people.
2. Medical payments (PIP) – Personal injury protection covers injuries to yourself and passengers. It can extend to cover some lost wages from work if you need time off.
3. Property damage – This liability coverage extends to property that is damaged in an accident.
4. Collision – This covers damage to your car is you hit another (or are hit) or hit an object and damage to your car is sustained.
5. Comprehensive – This is often coined the “catch all policy.” From hail to damage from lighting, objects falling on your car, theft, or anything else, you are pretty much covered.
6. Un or under insured motorist – If you are hit by a motorist who isn’t insured, coverage will pay for damages to your vehicle.

With your general (or basic) policy, you are typically covered, as is a person you have allowed to drive your car as well. So you are protected from general accidents which occur when you have a basic policy protection plan in place with your insurance company.

What’s best for you? –
This is a loaded question. As in the above example in the opening paragraph, two drivers can have two completely different auto insurance needs. So depending on:
– Your age and driving record.
– Type of vehicle you own.
– Where you live and drive.
– How much you driver.
– How dangerous the area is.
And, a slew of other factors, the right policy coverage and terms, are going to vary greatly from one driver to the next. Of course the best possible way to go if you want to ensure you are 100% protected, no matter what, is the comprehensive (or catch all) policy route. But, with this is also going to come the higher rates on a policy. So you do have to weigh this when deciding what policy terms are right for you.

In addition to this, you have to consider your deductible. How much can you afford to pay out of pocket if you are in an accident; the lower your deductible, the higher your auto insurance rates are going to be. Drivers have to consider this as well when comparing their policy terms, insurers, and comparing the levels of protection which are ideal for them.

What is required? –
For one driver a basic liability coverage policy might be the best. The simple reason being: this is all that is required in their state, they do not drive much, they have a very old car, and they are simply looking for the cheapest rate on their policy. On the other hand, certain states are going to require a driver to carry bodily injury, PIP, or other additional coverage terms when they get an insurance policy. If this is the case, the best policy might be the one which offers a comprehensive discount, one which allows you to custom tailor for your driving needs, or a policy which allows you to add or remove the terms you are absolutely required to purchase, based on the state you live in.

In addition to what is required, a driver who owns a brand new Porsche, versus one that owns a 1990 Oldsmobile which is falling apart, is typically going to dictate what the “best” auto insurance policy coverage options are going to be for their driving needs. It is up to each driver to assess the situation, and to know what is required for the state they live in when choosing an auto insurance policy. Depending on how much a person drives, how important their vehicle is (in terms of repairs or damage if they are in an accident) and other factors a person takes into consideration, the type of and the level of coverage every driver is going to choose will obviously vary in each case.

Know your insurer –
The top insurance companies are those which are reliable, those which are going to pay out on the claim immediately after an accident, and those which are going to offer drivers a number of terms they can choose from when choosing their policy. So the only way to ensure you find the best policy, the right level of coverage, and of course the best insurance company and rates, is to shop around with insurance companies prior to choosing a policy coverage. It is a good idea to go with well known insurers, those which have a good reputation, and those which allow the driver to custom tailor their policy, for the specific terms they desire or need, based upon where they live, and where they drive their vehicle.

Of course no two drivers are alike, and for this very reason, knowing what is the best accident insurance for each driver, is truly a personal decision that a driver is going to have to make when shopping for policies. It is in the driver’s best interest to compare insurers, get a few quotes, and compare the terms of the policies they are considering prior to choosing a policy based on cheap prices alone. But, taking the time to consider what you truly need (legally as well as personal preference) is just the initial step one has to take in order to find the right policy terms, and the right level of coverage from their auto insurance provider when the time comes to purchase insurance coverage.

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