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Who is the best accident physical therapy professional – Why therapy over other treatments?

First and foremost, after an auto accident has occurred, and after you have dealt with the police, insurance, and no that no serious or life threatening issues have occurred, time for treatment arises. If you have suffered whiplash, back pain, general body aches and pain, or other severe injuries, you might be asking yourself who is the best accident physical therapy office or therapist to visit? And, the answer is: “It depends.” Not exactly what an individual wants to hear when they seek out the best treatment. So let’s take a look at why physical therapy is the right approach, prior to deciding who is the best accident physical therapy professional to visit.

Why physical therapy for treatment ? –
Painkillers and a neck brace are typically the first approaches a doctor’s office or chiropractor will take when you visit them for treatment. But, this only masks the pain, rather than treats the underlying issues you are dealing with, which can be nerve damage or other severe muscular concerns. When you turn to physical therapy as a form of treatment and relief, this is not the case. A physical therapist is actually going to pinpoint their treatment in order to target and eliminate the root issue or concern, and eliminate the pain, rather than simply masking it.

Physical therapy is the primary method of repairing and strengthening muscles, joints, nerves, and other tissue or structural damage. So it actually repairs, and will strengthen after the fact, helping you get back on your feet, get rid of the pain, and get back to a normal life after your accident.

Do I need treatment? –
You might think it is minor whiplash which will go away on its own; but, this is not the case. Only a therapist can actually tell you if it is severe, how bad the damage is, what treatment has to be done, and how long it is going to take. Not getting treatment is the worst possible thing you can do. Not only in terms of an accident claim (if you want to receive damages and prove the extent of your injuries) but for your physical health primarily as well. Major damage to nerves, joints, and muscles can severely affect you for the rest of your life. From headaches to dizziness, to major ailments and pain you have to deal with for the rest of your life, these are a few of the many concerns one will have to deal with if they do not seek out proper treatment.

So even in the event you feel it is only minor pain which Tylenol or other sedatives can treat, you are going to benefit greatly from visiting a physical therapist. Not only can they actually determine what is causing your pain, and if any nerve damage did actually occur, but if this is found to be the case, they are also the professional who is best capable of helping you deal with the pain, and repair the damage which has occurred after you have been in an accident.

So, who should you visit? –
Okay, now that you understand why physical therapy is greater than chiropractor care or visiting a general doctor, you now want to know who to visit, right? Of course, you want to visit the best physical therapist in your area. However, this is not as cut and dry as going online and typing in local physical therapist in a search engine. Sure, this is a good way to gauge which therapists are well known locally, but will only do so much as to help you find the right therapist to work with you after the accident.

So, what do you actually have to consider in choosing a therapist? Some of the factors you are going to have to consider as you are deciding where to go to get your treatment are:
1. Are they fully licensed and certified? If the answer is no, do not visit this office.
2. How long have they been in this field of practice and how well known are they locally?
3. What do they specialize in (auto accident, sports injuries, general pain)?
4. Do they treat auto accident whiplash and general body pain?
5. How do they treat patients, and what methods are they going to employ when treating me?
6. What is the approach they take in treatment, and how many times do I have to visit them?
7. Do they guarantee the results or is this something I will deal with for the rest of my life?
8. Do they use the latest treatment methods, and equipment in their office?
9. How well known are they for a particular treatment type or technique?
10. Are they a top rated therapist in the local area?

These are just a few of the lingering questions you have to consider, and need to fully research as you are comparing local physical therapist offices you are considering visiting when you have suffered injuries from an auto accident.

Get a second opinion –
Even if you have searched extensively online, called around, read reviews, and visited a therapist you really liked, it will benefit you to get a second opinion from another top local therapist in the area. If nothing more, this will give you a different perspective about the treatment and your injuries. From there, you can decide who the best professional is, what methods of treatment you like best, and which office you believe is the best one to help you deal with your injuries and pain you have suffered after the accident you were involved in.

You never know that minor whiplash or back pain can be a herniated disc, or some broken or misaligned tissue or structural damage you have suffered in an accident. For this reason professional care and treatment is advised after an auto accident and physical therapy is the ideal treatment to seek out. But, before you choose where to go for your treatment and care needs, these are a few ways to go about comparing local therapists, learning about their practice, and deciding who is the best accident physical therapy professional for your care needs.

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