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Involved in an accident? – These are some things to consider when you want to learn how to find an accident attorney

If you are involved in a car accident, depending on the severity, damage, and major injuries, hiring an accident attorney might be in your best interest. However, if this is the case, you don’t want to simply hire the very first accident attorney you see an ad for on TV. Because there are so many personal injury and accident firms, it may seem a bit overwhelming when you want to find out how to find an accident attorney, and want to know you are hiring the best team to represent you. So, when the time comes to choose a firm to handle your case, these are a few ways to go about choosing an attorney.

1. Do your research about the accident firm/area attorneys –
Again, it isn’t simply about seeing a TV ad or looking for the cheapest fees. Instead, do your research. Because there are literally hundreds of law firms claiming to be the “best” or “top accident,” firm in the local area, it can be overwhelming when you want to hire a firm, but don’t know where to turn. So rather than choosing the first firm you see an ad for on TV or hear an ad on the radio for, it is important to learn as much as possible about local accident attorneys.

If you are considering filing a claim, you should find out:
– How long the attorney has been in practice and handled accident cases.
– Their reputation (in court, among other attorneys, with former clients, etc).
– What their fees are (do they charge you only if they win the case, do they charge hourly, contingency fees, etc?).
– How do they handle your case? Do they answer your calls/emails instantly? Do they keep you up to date on information pertaining to your case?

You want to find out as much as possible about the attorney you are considering hiring for your accident case. Further, it is important to hire an attorney that has a solid win percentage, will work to ensure the highest settlement offers are paid,and choose those attorneys who truly care about your case, rather than simply looking at you as another fee.

2. Their rating/reputation –
Word of mouth referrals are still one of the best ways to go about finding a great accident attorney. So if you know anyone who has hired a firm and was pleased with their services, ask which law firm they worked with. Conversely if you know a friend who had a bad experience find out who the attorney was, and find out why. Use online referral sites, online forums, discussion boards, and of course visit the attorney’s website. You can find out a great deal about an attorney today, without ever speaking to them. So make sure to exhaust your resources, and learn as much as you can about local attorneys who practice in accident law cases. Not only will this allow you to compare a few of the top rated attorneys, but if you can glean additional information about attorneys based off of personal referrals or ratings, this will further help you choose the best legal professional for your accident claim.

3. Know their work –
On this front, try to find out what local attorneys have done for previous clients. If they had a client with a similar accident as yours, how much did the client receive in damages? What did their settlement offer look like? Did the attorney fight to ensure all medical costs, hospital bills, paid time off work, and other damages were awarded to their client?

A settlement offer alone doesn’t dictate how well the attorney handled a case, but does give you some insight as to how hard they are going to work to ensure you receive all monies owed to you, and aren’t paying anything out of costs as it pertains to the accident. Especially if you were the innocent party in the accident.

The more you can learn about the attorney’s win percentage, how they fight for their clients, and the amount of damages they receive for other clients, the easier it is for you to determine whether or not the attorney is the right fit for you and your accident case.

4. Do they know the law? –
The law is constantly changing. For this very reason you want to hire an attorney who focuses strictly on accidents and injury claims. Not only does this ensure they are constantly molding their practice around the law and current regulations, but also that they are going to focus strictly on these types of cases and claims for clients. In turn, they have more experience handling cases, and can better prepare you for what is going to come if you choose to file a claim against the party who was at fault in your accident case.

5. Time in practice –
Would you rather hire a new attorney who has just started practice, or one that has handled accident cases for 20 plus years, and successfully collected for hundreds of clients? Seems like a simple answer for most. Yes, experience does trump lower fees and empty promises. So look for those firms and attorneys who have been in the field of accident and injury law for several years. Look at how many clients they have helped, and how they deal with their clients and case load. This will tell you a great deal as to what you can expect if you choose to hire them, and how your case is going to be handled if you decide to file a claim when you are involved in an accident.

Of course you will eventually hire the attorney you feel most comfortable with and the one you feel is best equipped to represent you and help you collect the highest damages award when settling your accident case. With this in mind, as there are so many accident attorneys you can hire as a client who has been involved in a car crash, these are a few of the factors to consider if you want to hire the best attorney to help you in filing your accident claim.


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