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Jon Y. Legal Marketing Reporter

Online SEO and PPC marketing in the legal field has become fiercely competitive. The amount of searches each day have exploded in growth over the last 5 years. Google searches for legal services related to : divorce, car accidents, medical malpractice have reached record stats online, making legal marketing a must to be a successful law firm.

Conventional advertising, radio, television, magazine and newspaper ads are what most people have grown up with as to how advertising accomplished. However, for attorneys and other businesses, the Internet has proven to be one of the best advertising vehicles around. Top Legal Marketing Experts are in high demand.

Advertising through seminars and conferences as well as through the media (press, television, radio), is rather costly. Unless a law business has the funds to spend on this type of advertising, it is a closed door to smaller firms, but there are other means available.

The entire purpose of advertising is to bring in referrals. A growing area for spending advertising dollars is on the Internet., because of the vast audience it has, marketing on the Net could end up costing an advertiser less per referral than conventional advertising. There are certainly costs involved including set-up and design fees, hosting fees, and updating fees. However, there are all kinds of websites to be had to fit a budget.


Another area of advertising on the Internet when using the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine, is called “Pay-Per-Click (aka ‘PPC’), ” perhaps better known as “Sponsored Ads.” These were the small ads on the right side of the computer screen when a search performed on a given search engine. These ads direct the potential visitor or referral directly to the business website, or to a page within site. As a marketing tool, it can be expensive but precious. (The business owner pays a certain amount each time the ad clicked.)


There are other benefits for attorneys that come with using Pay-Per-Click. These ads can be geo-targeted so a lawyer can pick and choose where he or she would like to advertise: locally, statewide or nationwide. Targeting a population can be crucial to the success of a marketing campaign.
If you have a business, a service or a product to sell, it is important that you know how to market it, or else, you will never gain the exposure that you need or the income that you aim. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that aside from offering a quality product or service, you get people to know about it. It is the central principle of marketing.

Regarding Internet Marketing experts, many websites out there have paid attention to the demand of this task, and have improvised means to reach the online market to its optimum and sell your product or service, no matter what it is and no matter how expensive or uncommon.

So what do these Internet Marketing Experts do, and how does the process work? Well, first of all, they have to know what you are selling. This enables them to categorize you into the thousands of websites that they are promoting. These categories will help them look for affiliates to promote your site or determine, which of their current members’ website contents are related to your product and service. Often called contextual advertising, they place your banners, RSS Feeds or links at sites that would most likely trigger interest on your product. This way, people who are interested to know about a certain subject or product will be able to look for you, through various websites containing your link. This is called also known as Affiliate Marketing by Internet Marketing Experts. You entrust your marketing to them, and they find affiliates to do the legwork for you.

The most popular Internet Marketing sites include Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Pepperjam Network or NeverBlue Ads, but there are so much more out there who will cater to your business model and needs or specifications. So you must think, “Why should I hire them when I can do marketing for myself?” That is a true statement. But here are some reasons why you should reconsider after all.

1. They are considered Internet Marketing Experts, and they are so. Many companies and websites entrust their precious product and service endorsements to them. The clientele for Internet Marketing sites ranges from hundreds to thousands of businesses in various categories of business models. If these thousands of companies can go wrong, this industry would have long been bankrupt. Taking that into account, you will realize that if people keep on hiring them, there is little argument, that you should, too.

2. They know the both side of the web. This means that know which places to advertise your products and services. Also, they have access to the nooks of the internet, so that they could reach to your market as widely as possible.

3. They have thousands of affiliates to advertise and host your banners of links. These members come to them voluntarily by the minute, because Internet Marketing is a lucrative side income for them as they paid when your company banners get clicked. And of course, this is parallel to your aim in having the best traffic statistics. The more affiliates to advertise you, the more page views and income you get.

If you would look at it, these Internet Marketing Experts know what they are doing, and what they are supposed to do, to give you the best traffic, and the widest online market. So think about it, if you can handle the pressure of selling yourself, you can improvise your techniques, but it might not be as effective as hiring someone who knows his way around.


There’s great flexibility in setting up a Pay-Per-Click account. A law firm can choose what days and at what times the ads displayed on-line. This way the budget can use maximally. For instance, a practice specializing in criminal law might want to run its ads twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week since crime never takes a holiday. Conversely, those specializing in intellectual property would do best running ads during regular business hours. The point here is that the budget should use when traffic is likely to be the highest.

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