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Simple guide – how to find an accident lawyer (who will actually win your case).

As far as it pertains to car accidents, no two accidents are alike, meaning no two injuries or drivers are alike. The very same is going to go when it comes to choosing a lawyer who will represent you. But, if you want to hire the best accident lawyer, there are certain things to keep in mind when the time comes to choose who will represent you (in or out of court). With that being said, there are a few basic principles to keep in mind when comparing top lawyers in order to ensure you hire the best. These are some of those principles any driver who is involved in an accident should consider.

1. Strictly accident claims –
Yes, the lawyer you hire should strictly represent clients who want to file accident claims. You don’t want to hire a lawyer who is all over the place, handling insurance claims, personal injury claims, dealing with business contract cases,and so forth. This takes away from the time they can spend with you, on your case, and the attention they can give you as a client. There are specialized rules and practices as it pertains to personal injury cases; make sure your lawyer is familiar with them, and deals with them on a daily basis.

2. Need to go to court? Make sure the lawyer fights for you –
If you want to learn how to find an accident lawyer who will actually go after the liable driver in your case, you need a lawyer who will actually take your case to court. If your case deserves it, or if an insurance company is lowballing you with offers well below what your case is worth, you do not want to hire an attorney who will fold and simply take any offer. You want a lawyer who will fight for you. One who will work to ensure you receive all damages owed to you, and one who will work to ensure you are not paying out of pocket costs, especially if you are hurt, have to miss work, or have zero fault in the accident at hand.

3. Their history matters –
You want to hire an attorney who has a history of winning high verdicts for their clients. One who goes after medical bills, time off work, loss of consortium, damages for pain and suffering, and so forth. If you have sustained serious injuries, loss of limbs, or in worst case scenarios death has occurred, and you are trying to collect on behalf of a family member who is deceased, you want to work with a lawyer who is know to win these cases, and truly go after all the client is owed in the case.

Sure, not every case is worth a million dollars, but there are many cases where clients should be paid a great deal of money which left behind on the table. You should not hire these attorneys, and should look for those who are actually going to go after every cent your case is worth.

4. Know the specialists –
If you were involved in a complex accident which requires a certain degree of specialization to prove, don’t you want to work with a lawyer who has specialists who can help them prove your case? Of course! So you want to work with the lawyer who knows the biochemist who can explain why the car exploded, or has a team of accident reconstructionists who can come to court, and provide a diagram of what actually happened in the accident.

This truly matters, especially in cases where plenty of money is at stake, or something like a “freak accident” occurred. The more resources a lawyer has in their hands, the better a team of specialists they have to work with, and the more specialists and expert witnesses they can hire to testify in court, the more they are going to be able to bolster your claim when proving you were the party who was innocent in the accident claim. And, this is going to go towards the actual amount of damages you are going to receive, whether it is an out of court settlement that is agreed upon, or if the verdict in court goes your way when the judge has to determine the amount of damages you are going to receive based upon the evidence and findings in the case.

5. Reputation of the lawyer matters –
Look for lawyers who are members of legal groups, state and national title groups, and those who have a spectacular reputation in their field of accident cases. These are the lawyers you want to handle your case. They are the ones who know how to go after insurance companies, go after the parties who are at fault, and know all the little tricks opposing lawyers are going to try to play, in order to avoid paying you the damages you are owed. These are the lawyers who don’t fear big name insurance companies or won’t coward away at a tough situation. So it is extremely important to understand how the lawyer works, what their reputation is, and how they are actually going to handle your case if you choose to hire them.

There are so many lawyers you can hire when it comes to filing a claim after an accident. Whether you were not at fault, played a small role in the accident, or were 100% at fault, you want to know how to find an accident lawyer for your case, to ensure the best possible outcome given the facts as they played out in the accident you were involved in. So if you are looking to hire the best lawyer, the first thing you want to consider isn’t their fee structure, but instead how they are actually going to work to fight and win your case. These are a few of the pertinent factors which should be taken into consideration when you are comparing accident lawyers, in order to ensure you hire the best expert when the time comes for you to actually file your claim in court.

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